End-to-End Packaging


  • Branding Creation
  • Brand Refresh
  • Brand adaptations
  • Brand audits
  • Brand architecture
  • Style guides / visual identity systems (VIS)

Packaging Design

  • Concept design / layout
  • Graphic design
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Die line development
  • Private Brands

Structure Design

  • Packaging engineering
  • PDQ development
  • POS / in-store activation
  • In-store displays
  • Customer education
  • Category signage
  • 3D visualization

Photography / Illustration

  • Concept & design / layout
  • Art direction
  • PPM
  • Custom photography
  • Retouching / manipulation
  • Key visual (KV) design
  • Custom illustration

Line Extensions & Adaptations

  • Private brand rollouts
  • Flavor variants
  • New pack sizes

Production / Final Artwork

  • Multiple SKUs for product lines
  • Artwork creation and file review
  • Project management
  • Design guidelines
  • Print specifications
  • Legal / technical specifications


  • Final art and manufacturer's orders
  • Quality control of files
  • Clipping paths, seperations, color conversion, final output
  • Color / master proofs
  • Trapping / stepping

Print Management

  • China-based print experts
  • On site press checks
  • Quality control
  • Color management
  • Extensive supply chain
  • Domestic and export market

Effective packaging speaks to consumers on three levels: the brand clarity, the emotional benefits and the functional benefits.

Brand clarity means differentiating your brand through eye-catching packaging that attracts attention on the store shelf. At the same time, brand clarity involves establishing a logical message hierarchy between master brand, sub-brand, flavor variants and supporting graphics like photography, typography, color illustrations and other communication cues.

Packaging is more than a mundane container to hold products; it’s an opportunity to communicate emotional benefits by engaging and entertaining consumers in unexpected ways. Seasonal packaging or themed packaging can be especially successful at stirring positive emotions.

New products with functional benefits enter the market daily. Whether it’s added vitamins and minerals, improved cleaning power, or skin-penetrating botanicals, packaging needs to shout product-specific benefits in order to differentiate itself from the competition.

So, what’s your packaging saying? Ivie Asia can help your packaging speak volumes.

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