Think Outside the Box

Ivie works on both internationally recognized existing brands and new product launches on a daily basis, working directly with our clients to fully understand and develop their brand inside and out.

Product packaging is an integral part of a brand’s essence, as it creates the first impression of the physical product, thereby driving purchasing decisions. Competing FMCG (CPG) companies give customers a wide variety of products to choose from for even some of their most basic needs, but most consumers don’t want to spend a lot of time carefully examining crowded shelves to research and compare the various brands and options available.

This creates an enormous opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves and stand out through packaging. From unique physical shapes to bold colors and eye-catching imagery, creating a product that stands apart from its competitors gives it an immediate advantage.

Our packaging services are all focused around the brand itself: creating new brands where none exists, repositioning existing brands within a market and adapting foreign brands for the China market.