Ivie Companies

Ivie Companies

Ivie & Associates, our parent company, operates several companies, employing over 550 associates that work together to provide seamless service for clients. These companies specialize in fulfillment, low-cost printing and specialty item solutions.

China Printing Solutions provides experienced, professional print production and delivery of a variety of books, catalogs, packaging, and more, all at a savings of up to 50% off domestic costs.

Centrally located in Davenport, Iowa, Graphic Image is a first-rate fulfillment company that specializes in the efficient management of operational and promotional materials.

The GreenLeaf Approach: Strategic insights, precise targeting, contract and rate negotiation, aligned with a focus on execution, volume buying power and unparalleled client service.

BlueLeaf Digital conceptualizes, creates and deploys a full array of digital marketing services including building and creating custom enterprise applications, managing digital and social engagements, and improving processes and results for online marketing campaigns.